National Farmers Market Week is August 6-12. Take part by creating a brief video showcasing your favorite local market or vendor and post it to the ILFMA Facebook page or Twitter (@ILFarmersMkts)


  • Make a selfie video and introduce yourself and the vendor/market
  • Clearly say which IL market or vendor you are featuring
  • Get a shot of the booth and surroundings
  • What’s great about this market/vendor? Mention your favorite item, favorite vendors, why your local market is special

National Farmers Market Week is the time to celebrate all of the benefits that markets bring to local communities. Produce grown for farmers markets is grown for its taste, variety, and picked at peak freshness instead of being grown for storage and transportation. Farmers markets stimulate local economies, create local jobs and help communities thrive. By investing in your local farmers, you are keeping money in the local economy.

August is the height of the season in Illinois which means it is the perfect time to go to the farmers market! At this time of the year you can find tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, peaches, and blueberries among others. Compare the taste of a farmers market tomato to a supermarket tomato and you will understand why we love our Illinois markets!
If there’s any time in the season to go to a farmers market, it is now. Experience the joy of cooking with local food and getting to know the people who grew it. Join the Illinois Farmers Market Association in celebrating National Farmers Market Week!